Veterans Breakfast After Action Report


Today the 13th of April was our fourth Veterans Breakfast.  We had 12 attendees.  Thanks to the McKenzie family for the donation of donuts for today’s event. We had the Pledge of Allegiance, thanked our sponsors and Volunteers. I showed one of the “Big Picture” segments from the 1950’s.  It was about the infantry man and the Combat Infantry Badge.  I also shared pictures of some our veterans when they were in service.  I also gave a recap on the Veterans Celebration 2019.  We will have reenactors from all time periods, military vehicles, the Police & Fire Departments and more.  At the end we had an open discussion.  Everyone enjoyed the breakfast and stayed longer than previous meetings.

We had a veteran, Gary Christman, stop in and donated his stepdad’s uniform from WWII. His stepdad was Robert Haines of the 24th Infantry Division. 

The next breakfast will be May 11th from 10:00am to noon.  We will have the Pickaway Veterans Commission as our guest speaker.  Please join us.